Brazil Para Ela Natural

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Cocoa, Ripe Red Berry, Strawberry


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Brazil Para Ela is from Campos Altos. This is the city where Señor Maria de Oliveira grows our Brazil Fazenda Santa Luzia coffee as well as the base of our Espresso.

The selectors and sorters of Para Ela? Exclusively women. The women of Campos Altos hand-select and sort the Para Ela beans with love. During this process, the women of Campos Altos “earn 50% higher wages than the regional average.” Furthermore, “employee household incomes increase by 85%. These opportunities for the women of Campos Altos are a direct result of Para Ela coffee and Señor Maria de Oliveira.”

This natural process coffee is hand picked and only ripe beans. Then the beans are dried on raised african beds and slowly dried to 11%.

The cup exhibits a satiny-smooth mouth feel, red berry fruit, strawberry, vibrant acidity. This coffee as a single origin espresso displays ripe fruit, very thick crema and satiny-smooth.

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