Kenya AA Karinga


Brown Sugar, Citric, Red Fruit


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This top quality Kenya AA is from the Karinga  factory which is located near the Kimaruri, Kariungu, Gachuha and Mugalwa Villages. The Gitwe Farmers’ Cooperative has 650 members.

Karinga Coffee Factory is located in the Central Province, Thika District in Ndarugu Location of  Gatundu.

Our coffee is grown in red volcanic soil and fermented and fully washed before being sun dried on tables. Sustainable farming practices are utilized at the factory to treat the water used in processing. Water is collected in bins and then sent to pits in the ground away from the main water source.

Coffees in this lot were grown at 2000 m above sea level and are selected from SL34,SL28 and Ruiru 11 varieties. These varietal contribute to the vibrant, berry-toned, highly sought after Kenya coffee.

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